Our Vision:
Securing a Safer Tomorrow

At IQC Security Consultancy, our vision is to lead the charge in establishing a safer and more secure future for individuals and organizations worldwide. We are driven by a deep commitment to the following principles:

Innovation and Adaptation: We recognize that security threats constantly evolve. Our vision is to stay ahead of these challenges by fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability. We aim to provide cutting-edge training programs and consultancy services.

Global Collaboration: We believe that security knows no boundaries. Our vision encompasses a global community of security professionals, united by a common goal: safeguarding people, assets, and information.

Empowering Expertise: We are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with the expertise needed to navigate the complex world of security. Through our world-class training programs, we aim to equip our clients with the skills and knowledge required to excel in security management.

Building Resilience: In an ever-changing world, resilience is key to security. We envision a future where our clients are not just prepared for security challenges but also resilient in the face of adversity. Our consultancy services are designed to help organizations build robust security strategies, crisis management plans, and business continuity frameworks.

We’re committed to leading the charge in security excellence, fostering global collaboration, and empowering individuals and organizations to stay one step ahead of evolving threats.

Together, we aspire to create a world where safety and security are the unwavering cornerstones of progress, enabling individuals and organizations to not only thrive but also flourish in an environment fortified by unwavering security measures, where every opportunity can be pursued without hesitation.


At IQC Security Consultancy, we pave the way for our clients to embrace a brighter and more secure tomorrow. Through our partnership, clients gain access to unparalleled security expertise, empowering them to fortify their defenses and tackle evolving threats with confidence.
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Voices of

CPP Exam Preparation Experts

Anisur helped me preparing for my CPP exam. He is a keen professional on motivating people and has important pedagogical skills to help his apprentices achieve their goals.

Zoltan Ladanyi, CPP
Charge de Mission, LPN Group

Beyond Great for CPP Certification

My personal experience with IQC and Mr. Rahman is more than great. Anisur took literally my hand and guide me through the process of gaining the ASIS CPP certification that is the golden standard of the Security Management.

Nick Armenakis, MBA, CPP, CPO, MSyl, PRINCE2

Admin & Security, NHS, UK

Invaluable Preparation with Tremendous Effort

To prepare with IQC has been an invaluable help. Anisur, the manager and trainer, is a tremendous worker and he puts a lot of effort into the preparation of the candidates.

Guillaume BOULEAU, CPP

CEO, GBL Safe Consulting

Anisur: A Dedicated Mentor for CPP Success

Anisur has proved to be both a dedicated mentor and great person. I started the CPP learning program a while ago. Which was ended a few days ago, after a two weeks of a marathon with the amazing achievement of me getting my CPP certification. Anisur professionalism and perfectionism made it possible.

Aviv Sadey, CPP
Safety & Security Manager, Paypal

Fantastic Exam Preparation with IQC

Working with IQC was fantastic. They provided great material to help prepare for the CPP exam. They have a process that works making preparation and learning much easier. Great job guys.

Todd Pooler
Director of Security (North America) , Danone

Highly Grateful to IQC

IQC has been invaluable to my professional career. With IQC I achieved the ASIS CPP and the CPI. IQC supported me through the registration process and the certification preparation. I received great tutoring and hundreds of sample test questions and exam – style simulations that prepared me for both exams.
George Kobani CPP PCI
Snr.Regional Security Director, General Electronics

Highly Recommend for Customized CPP Prep

I would suggest people if they are aspiring for their CPP then they should reach out to IQC for the customized program as per need.

Archana Tripathy , CPP, PCI
Manager (Security) , TaTa Steel

Mr. Anisur: Motivator, Coach, and Fabulous Trainer

Mr Anisur is an excellent example of a motivator, coach and mentor, the content designed by him are specific to individual capabilities and is an fabulous trainer, who helps aspirants to achieve their goal by consistently & virtually travelling along with them during the whole process.

Sujesh V Pariyarath CPP®, CSP
Chief Security Manager , VFS Global

Grateful to IQC

First of all I want to say thanks to the faculty Mr. Anisur Rehman sir who guided me for preparing for the CPP exam. The overall course/ module or style of teaching is very good and helps me a lot in my preparation.
Rajeev Rana CPP, CFE
Security Manager, Reliance Industries Limited

Exceptional Guidance from IQC for CPP Success

Thank you for the exceptional guidance and support in every step of my CPP test journey, a special thanks to Anisur sir who has guided me during the process. Hope the success stories will be moving forward to achieve more certifications as well. Once again a big thanks to the IQC team.

Ashish Kumar Pandey CPP®

Manager (Corporate Security), IIRIS Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Exceptional Training for CPP Certification

It is with great pleasure that I would thank IQC Security consultancy for the predicative and effective communication, guidance alongside with distance-learning program DLP training by Mr. Anisur Rahman and his fabulous crew that made it happen and become certified protection professional, CPP, last November 2021.

Mohamed Gaafar Abdelrasoul, CPP®, OSHA™

Senior Security Manager, Bavarian Auto Group

Grateful for IQC's Support in Achieving My Milestone

First of all I would like to thank you for all the support & guidance that you have given me which helped me clear this milestone. I would really appreciate your knowledge of the subject & the way you would break each of the topics to make it simpler for anyone to understand & learn the topics easily.

Rohit Shetty, CPP®, PCI®

Sr. Security Manager , PINKERTON | Comprehensive Risk Management

IQC's Extraordinary CPP Preparation Method

IQC’s comprehensive preparation method incorporating e-learning and traditional classroom method is extraordinary. A massive volume of CPP material was very easy to absorb through multiple learning tools.


Security Specialist , Chemonics International Inc

Methodical and Systematic Approach by Anisur

His approach is methodological and systematic. It helped me in learning as well as understanding the concept. His personal commitment and one to one communication helped in mid course correction as he regularly monitored the progress. I thanks him for helping me in achieving this feet (CPP & PCI).
Lt Col Kumar Vikram Singh, CPP, PCI

Head of Security, Cushman & Wakefield

Grateful to IQC and Anisur for CPP Test Success

I would like to share this success with IQC and Anisur who helped me to prepare the CPP test during the last months. I appreciated the methodology, conscientiousness, and continuous support to make sure that I would be ready for the test. Thank you!
Fabrice MARTY
Security Director, Asia Pacific regions , Danone

Anisur: An Effective Instructor

I attended a company organised CPP review training led by Anisur. He is an effective, knowledgeable, friendly and caring instructor.

Siratep Yuktasevi CPP®

Senior Regional Security Director , GE

Trust IQC for Expert Guidance and High Scores

"When it comes to IQC, you simply sit back and follow the guidance of your instructor. They know what they are doing, and they are always there to guide you and support you. All you need to do is trust them, do as they say, and you will pass with high marks."

Abdullah Shapsough, MSc., PMP, CPP

Security Project Manager, Roads and Transport Authority, UAE

Certifié CPP avec succès grâce à Anisur Rahman

Après avoir obtenu les certifications Cycle CERIC au CNPP (France/Europe), me voici certifié du CPP : Certified Protection Professional - USA, reconnu comme étant les standards de Sûreté américains. Bien que l'anglais ne soit pas ma langue natale, Anisur Rahman a su m'accompagner efficacement jusqu'

Operation Liaison Coordinator, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

The Optimal Choice for CCP Exam Success

After deciding to take the CCP exam, I took advice from members of the ASIS’ French Chapter on the most optimal way to obtain the certification. No hesitation on the answer : “call on the services of IQC Security”.

Romain Dumont
Capture Leader Australia, ECA Group


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