Insider Threat: Assessment and Training

In today’s interconnected world, insider threats are more prevalent than ever. Whether intentional or unintentional, insider threats can jeopardize your confidential data, critical business systems, financial stability, and reputation. In response to such an imminent threat, IQC proudly presents comprehensive Insider Threat Consultancy services. Our objective is to equip our clients with both thorough Insider Threat Assessment and essential training programs to safeguard against insider threats.

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What is Insider Threat Assessment?

An Insider Threat Assessment is a systematic evaluation of an organization’s internal policies, infrastructures, controls, processes, and cybersecurity practices to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks posed by employees, contractors, or other trusted individuals. By conducting a thorough analysis of organizational culture, access controls, data handling practices, and employee behaviours, we identify areas of concern and provide actionable insights to mitigate insider threats effectively.

How We Have Designed Insider Threat Assessment?

Our Insider Threat Assessment program is meticulously designed to suit the unique needs and operational context of each client. We conduct a thorough evaluation of the organization’s cybersecurity controls, monitoring capabilities, information security policies and processes to pinpoint any weaknesses. We conduct in-depth interviews, surveys, and technical assessments to gather comprehensive data on the organization’s internal environment. Our seasoned consultants then utilize advanced threat intelligence, analytics and behavioural analysis techniques to identify anomalous patterns and potential risk indicators. We work closely with the organization’s stakeholders to develop customized mitigation strategies and enhance existing controls to fortify the organization’s resilience against insider threats and safeguard critical data and infrastructures.

Insider Threat Training Program

After identifying potential weaknesses and areas for improvement, it is essential to implement necessary countermeasures. Our consultancy services include robust training programs designed to educate personnel at all levels on the importance of insider threat detection and prevention. We aim to provide critical topics that help organizations to build resiliency into an organization’s infrastructure and develop an early detection capability which minimizes the impact. Our training curriculum covers topics such as identifying potential risk indicators (PRIs), developing insider threat programs, developing monitoring capabilities, leveraging data analytics and technology, reporting mechanisms, data protection best practices, and incident response protocols. By empowering employees with the knowledge and skills to identify and respond to potential insider threats proactively, organizations can strengthen their defence posture and safeguard sensitive assets from insiders.

Cybersecurity-based Approach Insider Threat Assessment?

Malicious insiders often exploit access privileges to compromise systems, steal sensitive data, or disrupt operations. Therefore, our Insider Threat Assessment incorporates a strong focus on cybersecurity to bolster the organization’s defence against an internal threats.

  1. Our assessment includes a thorough examination of the organization’s IT infrastructure, networks, and systems to identify potential vulnerabilities and security gaps.
  2. We assess factors such as patch management, network segmentation, encryption protocols, and access controls to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.
  3. We evaluate existing monitoring tools and recommend enhancements or additional technologies such as intrusion detection systems, user behaviour analytics, and endpoint security solutions to detect anomalous activities indicative of insider threats.
  4. Through our comprehensive training program, we aim to enhance cybersecurity awareness throughout the organization.

Key Benefits of Insider Threat Assessment and Training

  • Increase operational resiliency and minimize the impact of insider threat incidents and data theft.
  • Enhance organizational capability to protect sensitive data, critical processes and infrastructures.
  • Improve insider threat security program based on actual findings and leadership consensus.
  • Develop a culture of awareness, accountability, and vigilance within the organization.
  • Identify gaps in your technology stack’s ability to properly detect and prevent insider threats.
  • Identify gaps and improve your monitoring capability to detect insider threats early.
  • Increase organizational return on investment.

Our Services At A Glance


An assessment that identifies weaknesses and vulnerabilities of existing insider threat controls, improves insider threat program capabilities and reduces insider threat risks and the overall impact of insider threat incidents.

For Whom?

Security-conscious organizations who wants to assess their insider threat capabilities and want to enhance or develop their insider threat program.


Using advanced threat intelligence, analytics and behavioural analysis techniques to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organization’s infrastructures, people, processes and tools.


Provide comprehensive training, tailored recommendations and an actionable roadmap to support the development and improvement of your organization’s insider threat program needs.

Market Differentiator

Thorough assessment of existing insider threat programs and controls to identify weaknesses along with comprehensive insider threat training program to plug the gaps for a robust insider threat capability.


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