Travel Risk Management Services: India and Bangladesh

Executives need to travel to various parts of the world for business expansion, operations, crucial meetings, conferences etc. where they are exposed to various types of risks. Especially executives travelling from Europe to Southeast Asia (India, Bangladesh) face unique and unexpected risks due to large variances in people demographics, customs and immigration difficulties, the volatile nature of the political and social landscape, administration and judiciary issues, volatile transportation, road and traffic conditions, high frequency of petty crimes, poor local emergency services and infrastructures and an overall lack of application of safety and security practices. To deal with all the unique risks and challenges, IQC Security Consultancy proudly presents Travel Risk Management Services to ensure that executives successfully complete their trips in India and Bangladesh while ensuring safety and security.

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What are Travel Risk Management Services?

Our Travel Risk Management Services encompass a holistic approach aimed at providing safety, security, and logistical support to executives from the inception of their travel plans to the successful completion of their trips in India and Bangladesh. Our services commence with pre-travel activities, including itinerary and accommodation finalization and providing necessary training for the trip ahead.

Our team of highly qualified personnel conducts in-depth on-the-ground risk assessments, meticulously considering political, social, logistical, safety, and security factors to develop a robust travel risk management plan. This plan serves as a comprehensive blueprint for navigating the complexities of travel in these regions, ensuring the safety and security of our clients.


Why We Are The Best?

To ensure robust travel risk management, we employ a Three-tiered approach.

Experience In Defense, Administration and Law Enforcement (Bangladesh)

Anisur Rahman (Managing Director of IQC Security Consultancy)

Mr Anisur was a commissioned Naval Officer and served the Bangladesh Navy with honour and dignity for 13 years and retired as Lieutenant Commander. He has been living in France for around two decades as a Bangladesh-Francais. He is a Global Security Consultant and Instructor (Physical & Cyber) who holds all the top-notch Security Certifications in his pocket and provides security certification training to high-profile professionals all over the world.

With proudly and diligently serving 13 years in the defence, Mr Anisur has developed extensive contacts in defence, administration, law enforcement, immigration, customs, emergency services, logistics and beyond. Leveraging his vast experience and comprehensive understanding of key stakeholders in Bangladesh, we offer unparalleled on-the-ground travel risk management services, ensuring the safety and security of travellers.

Contacts in All Over India

As part of the certification training, IQC Security Consultancy has successfully trained thousands of Indian Security Professionals from diverse sectors. The professionals range from various sectors such as the Indian Army, Indian Police, Law enforcement, Emergency Services, Logistics, Hospitality and Tourism etc. With our robust team of on-the-ground experts strategically positioned in key sectors in India, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive support and protection, thereby mitigating risks and safeguarding the well-being of our clients across all facets of their journeys.

Understanding European Standards

IQC Security Consultancy has established itself as a premier provider of training and consultancy services, catering specifically to high-profile European companies and professionals. With a profound understanding of European standards and regulations concerning safety and security, we are well-equipped to meet the stringent requirements of our European clientele.

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of European companies’ security standards, as well as professionals’ tolerances and comfort levels, we tailor our services to align seamlessly with their expectations. This nuanced understanding allows us to deliver customized solutions that not only meet but exceed the standards set forth by European regulatory bodies and industry best practices.


Our Services At A Glance


  • Thorough on-the-ground Risk Assessment considering political, social, logistical, safety and security contexts.
  • Support in finalizing travel itineraries.
  • Meet and Greet services.
  • Medical assistance support.
  • Transportation.
  • Accommodation.
  • Language interpretation services to facilitate effective communication with local authorities, vendors, and service providers.
  • Support in setting up meetings and conferences.
  • Highly trained personnel accompanying travellers throughout their stay.
  • Providing training to increase awareness to travelling executives.

For Whom?

Organizations that send their executives to various countries around the world (India, Bangladesh)


Providing the best travel risk management support and services that meet the European companies’ and professionals’ standards by leveraging on-the-ground contacts, knowledge and expertise.

Market Differentiator

Having high-profile on-the-ground contacts, knowledge and expertise to ensure a robust travel risk management plan that ensures the successful completion of trips while maintaining the safety and security of travelling executives.


Benefits of Travel Risk Management Services

  1. Ensure full compliance with European safety and security standards, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices.
  2. Help meet the Duty of Care and Standard of Care.
  3. Ensure the safety and security of traveling executives.
  4. Minimize travel disruptions and successfully complete the missions.
  5. Reduce potential financial losses associated with disruptions, damages, or liabilities.
  6. Ensure and enhance reputation by ensuring the safety and security of travellers and assets.
  7. Help expand businesses in growing economies like India and Bangladesh.

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Searching for a First-Class Consultant?

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