CISM is a globally recognized professional certification offered by ISACA. It focuses on information security management and governance.

About CISM Certification

Certification name: Certified Information Security Manager

Certification Provider: ISACA

Details about CISM:Click Here

Exam Type: MCQ

Passing Score: 450/800 

Program Structure

Stage 1 : Enrollment Stage

  • Read program details (this email)
  • Fill out the registration form and share it
  • Make payment of the course fee
  • Getting the enrollment ID
  • Take the level test (to understand question patterns)
  • Participate one-to-one induction meeting

Stage 2: Preparation Stage (Domain-wise Approach)

  • Take the Pre-Assignment Test.
  • Go through Domain-specific PPTs.(Online)
  • Practice MCQ quizzes
  • Study PDF Questionnaires for each domain (Offline)
  • Take a Post-Test after preparation to see progress

Stage 3: Exam Mode Preparation

  • Study Additional Materials.
  • Practice PDF Questionnaires for Each Domain with explanation
  • Special Care to Overcome Any Weak Points.
  • Conceptual Online PPT
  • Engage in Mock Exams for Practice.
  • Undertake a Final Mock Exam to Assess Readiness for the Exam.

Stage 4: Certification Achievement

  • Book the Exam Slot.
  • Attend a Final Briefing Session with a Mentor.
  • Take the CISM Exam to attain certification.

Stage 5 : Post Certification Support

  • Getting the CISM Endorsement
  • Maintaining the CPE
  • Recertification guideline and support

CISM Training Program Details

Duration: 4-6 months (based on individual pace)
Approximate Study Hours: 100 (Flexiible)
Mode of Study: Online/Offline
Type of Training: Mentorship
Medium of Instructions: English

How to Enroll in CISM Program

By filling out the following form:
Registration form (Download Here)

Download Brochure

CISM Certification

It is a globally recognized certification offered by ISACA. The CISM certification is designed for information security professionals who focus on managing, designing, and overseeing an organization's information security program.
  • Eligibility
  • Who Should Take It?
  • Benefits


    • A candidate must have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.

Work Experience:

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent:
    • Minimum of five years of full-time work experience in information security management.
    • At least three of those years must be in three or more of the CISM domains.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher:
    • Minimum of five years of full-time work experience in information security management.
    • At least three of those years must be in three or more of the CISM domains.
  • Information Security Managers: Professionals in leadership roles responsible for managing an organization’s information security program.
  • Security Consultants: Those providing security consulting services to organizations.
  • IT Managers and Directors: Individuals overseeing information security within their organizations.
  • Risk Management Professionals: Professionals involved in assessing and mitigating security risks.
  • Compliance Officers: Those responsible for ensuring compliance with security standards and regulations.
  • Career Advancement: Opens doors to higher-paying and leadership roles in information security.
  • Global Recognition: Globally recognized as a mark of excellence in information security management.
  • Increased Earning Potential: Often leads to higher salaries in security management positions.
  • Knowledge and Skills: Gains expertise in information security governance, risk management, and more.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connects you with a global community of information security professionals.
  • Competitive Edge: Sets you apart as a qualified and experienced information security manager.
  • Continuing Education: Requires ongoing learning to stay current in the field.
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