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Investigation is a critical duty for every organization when an incident occurs. A thorough investigation report can assist organizations in preventing future damages. While regular investigations can be conducted by internal staff, there are times when organizations need to outsource to experienced investigators who hold globally recognized certifications, helping to mitigate future losses by identifying the root cause of an incident. To address this need, IQC introduces its investigation services. With a vast pool of experienced investigators in India and Bangladesh, we offer prompt and unbiased investigative results. Our extensive team enables us to provide prompt service at cost-effective prices.

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What Do Our Investigation Services Cover?

Our Investigation Services offer a comprehensive approach to addressing various investigative needs, from due diligence inquiries to fraud investigations and corporate intelligence gathering. Whether it’s uncovering potential risks associated with business partnerships, verifying the backgrounds of individuals or entities, or conducting internal investigations into suspected misconduct, our highly skilled professionals are equipped to handle the complexities of investigations in India and Bangladesh.


Why Choose Us?

IQC offers cost-effective investigation services across India and Bangladesh with the largest pool of experienced investigators. We ensure the use of the three vital tools of an investigation: information, interrogation, and instrumentation. Our availability in major cities in India and Bangladesh ensures prompt and cost-effective service. Additionally, our investigators hold globally recognized certifications, ensuring their quality and standard as investigators.

How We Operate?

IQC has developed a set of standards to ensure the following qualities in every investigation and its subsequent results:

  • Objectivity: Our investigators remain objective, focusing on rational investigative hypotheses and avoiding prejudgment. They refrain from jumping to conclusions without independently corroborating facts. Their primary goal is to let the facts speak for themselves in a concise, accurate, and professional manner.
  • Thoroughness: Our investigators pursue all relevant leads to their logical conclusions, ensuring the corroboration of all key investigative findings. We believe that a thorough investigation involves checking all leads and revisiting key ones to ensure consistency.
  • Relevance: Our investigators are trained to determine the relevance of information effectively. They consider a sufficient spectrum and depth of details without gathering so much data as to confuse the facts of the case or impede the investigation’s progress, potentially obscuring the truth.
  • Accuracy: Our standardized investigation template ensures the accuracy of all sources, whether human, physical, electronic evidence, or the results of observation or surveillance.
  • Timeliness: While our investigators adhere to these standard qualities, we also prioritize completing investigations promptly. They possess the ability to conclude investigations quickly without compromising quality. They resist external pressure to either rush or delay a case inappropriately, ensuring the resolution’s quality remains intact.

Why We Are The Best?

Experience In Defense, Administration and Law Enforcement (Bangladesh)

Anisur Rahman (Managing Director of IQC Security Consultancy)

Anisur Rahman is the Managing Director of IQC Security Consultancy. Mr Anisur was a commissioned Naval Officer and served the Bangladesh Navy with honour and dignity for 13 years and retired as Lieutenant Commander. He has been living in France for around two decades as a Bangladesh-Francais. He is a Global Security Consultant and Instructor (Physical & Cyber) who holds all the top-notch Security Certifications including the premier investigation certificate of ASIS PCI (Professional Certified Investigator) in his pocket and provides investigation training to high-profile professionals all over the world.

During Mr Anisur’s time in the defence, he gained extensive hands-on experience in managing counter-terrorism programs, operational security, intelligence operations, and conducting investigations and interrogations. With proudly and diligently serving 13 years in the defence, Mr Anisur has developed extensive contacts in defence, administration, law enforcement, emergency services, logistics and beyond. Leveraging his vast experience and comprehensive understanding of key stakeholders in Bangladesh, we offer unparalleled on-the-ground investigation services, meeting the unique requirements of our clients.

Extensive Contacts in All Over India

IQC Security Consultancy boasts an extensive network of thousands of security professionals spanning across India. Through our training programs, we have cultivated a diverse ecosystem of experts hailing from various sectors, including the Indian Army, Indian Police, law enforcement agencies, emergency services, logistics, hospitality, and more. Our vast network enables us to tap into a wealth of expertise and resources, strategically positioning us to provide the best professionals based on our client needs.

Understanding European Standards

IQC Security Consultancy has garnered a reputation as a premier provider of training and consultancy services, specializing in serving high-profile European companies and professionals. Leveraging our profound understanding of European standards and regulations pertaining to safety and security, we are adept at meeting the stringent requirements of our European clientele.

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of European companies’ security standards and preferences, we tailor our services to seamlessly align with their expectations. This nuanced understanding allows us to deliver customized solutions that not only meet but exceed the standards set forth by European regulatory bodies and industry best practices.


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Searching for a First-Class Consultant?

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