Cybersecurity Expert

Cybersecurity Expert—a transformative learning journey that seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on mastery. With engaging projects and expert guidance, this program goes beyond teaching cybersecurity; it equips you to effectively secure business networks.

Course Objectives:

This course empowers learners with advanced cyber security skills across 11 domains, covering risk management, secure design, data security, incident management, and emerging technologies. The hands-on “Enterprise Cyber Defense” project synthesizes theoretical knowledge, preparing participants to proactively defend enterprises against evolving threats with resilience and effective incident response.

Course Content:

This course covered the following domains:

  1. Domain 1: Fundamentals of Cyber Security
  2. Domain 2: Cyber Security Governance and Risk Management
  3. Domain 3: Cyber Security Principles
  4. Domain 4: Information Security
  5. Domain 5: Data Security
  6. Domain 6: Cyber Security Architectures
  7. Domain 7: Identity and Access Management
  8. Domain 8: Cyber Security in Different Environments
  9. Domain 9: Enterprise Cyber Defense
  10. Domain 10: Cyber Incident Management
  11. Domain 11: Emerging Tools and Technology in CyberSecurity
  12. A Project on Enterprise Cyber Defense

Program Details

Duration: 6 months
Prerequisites: None
Delivery Method: Mixed
Classroom / Campus: Online/Offline
Hours of Study: 200
Weekly Classroom: 2 days / 8 Hours
Average number per class: 15 learners
Success rate: Waiting for the end of 1st promotion
Satisfaction rate: Waiting for the end of 1st promotion
Next school year(s): 8th April 2024

Steps to Registration

  • Brochure
  • Step 1
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