ISO 31000 Audit

Assess your organization’s Risk Management System against the ISO 31000 framework with IQC’s ISO 31000 Audit services. Through our comprehensive evaluations and feedback, we’re committed to ensuring your company has its ISO 31000 Risk Management systems in place and proving your compliance with ISO 31000 requirements, thereby helping you comply with globally recognised requirements and enhancing your risk management performance and business opportunities.

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What is ISO 31000?

ISO 31000 is a universal standard for risk management that provides guidelines and principles for managing risks effectively in organizations of all types and sizes. It helps organizations establish a systematic approach to identifying, assessing, treating, and monitoring risks that could affect their objectives. ISO 31000 aims at making better decisions considering the uncertainties inherent in life in order to better achieve your business objectives. It emphasizes the importance of integrating risk management into an organization’s overall governance, strategy, and decision-making processes. It promotes continuous improvement in the risk management processes and enhances the organization’s ability to anticipate and respond to risks effectively. ISO 31000 aims to connect risk management with decision-making and performance, enabling businesses to embed best practices into their daily operations and extend them to broader aspects of organizational activities.

What are IQC’s ISO 31000 Audit services?

IQC’s ISO 31000 audit services involve a structured assessment of an organization’s risk management system to determine its alignment with the requirements outlined in the ISO 31000 standard. Our audit process is systematic, independent, objective, and well-documented, aimed at gathering pertinent information to identify gaps for improvement and ensure the establishment of robust risk management processes.

During the audit, our seasoned auditors carefully examine various aspects of your organization’s risk management framework, including risk policies, procedures, documentation, implementation strategies, and performance indicators. We meticulously gather evidence to evaluate the organization’s current level of compliance with the ISO 31000 standard, pinpointing any gaps or opportunities for improvement.

Our main objective is to detect any non-conformities or areas for enhancement within the risk management system. This enables your organization to implement corrective measures and control mechanisms to maintain compliance with ISO 31000.

Following the audit, we develop a detailed audit report encompassing all the audit findings, recommendations for improvement, and actionable insights to strengthen your risk management practices.  Our ISO 31000 Risk Management Audit demonstrates your commitment to effective risk management, boosting confidence in your procedures and building trust with stakeholders. Our audit process helps your organization continually improve, ensuring long-term success in handling uncertainties and taking advantage of opportunities.

Extensive Pool of Auditors

IQC Security Consultancy boasts an extensive network of auditors all over the world. Our vast network enables us to tap into a wealth of expertise and resources, strategically positioning us to provide the best service based on our client needs. Our auditors are risk management experts who are dedicated to excellence. Wherever you operate, we will be able to provide global standard support to you.

IQC's Internal Audit Process

How We Have Designed This Audit?

IQC’s ISO internal audit for ISO 31000 Risk Management follows a meticulously structured framework tailored to precisely evaluate your organization’s risk management practices. Here’s our approach:

  • Engagement Planning: We collaborate closely with our clients to define the audit’s scope, objectives, and criteria. This ensures that our audit aligns with their business goals and regulatory requirements.
  • Pre-Audit Preparation: Our audit team, comprising experts in risk management, is assembled, and we have the resources needed to thoroughly assess your organization’s risk management framework.
  • Audit Plan: We provide a comprehensive audit plan with a detailed timeline featuring audit times, subjects, methods used, and designated representatives from your organization.
  • Assessment: Our team of expert auditors conducts on-site visits or remote assessments to collect evidence through interviews, document reviews, and observations.
  • Data Analysis: We meticulously analyze the evidence collected to gauge your organization’s adherence to ISO 31000 standards, regulatory stipulations, and contractual obligations.
  • Reporting and Recommendations: Following our analysis, we prepare a comprehensive report outlining our findings, conclusions, and recommendations for improvement. This report is shared with your organization’s management for review and implementation.
  • Follow-up and Monitoring: We may conduct follow-up assessments to ensure that any identified deficiencies are addressed appropriately. Additionally, we offer ongoing monitoring services to support your organization in sustaining compliance and enhancing risk management effectiveness over time.

We Meticulously Follow Audit Principles

Our Comprehensive Audit Report

  • Detailed: Our audit report is comprehensive and detailed which outlines the audit’s duration, resources used, employees interviewed, and any challenges encountered during the process.
  • Audit Score: The audit report consists of the overall audit score and compliance level with ISO 31000.
  • Evidence Examination: Presentation of the objective evidence such as photos, interviews, and examined records and documents are provided.
  • Compliance Level: The compliance level for each part of the standard is provided where each finding is explained in crystal clear language.
  • Non-conformities: Identification of areas that do not align with the ISO standard, providing support for ongoing improvement efforts.
  • Positive Findings: Recognition of areas where your organization demonstrates commendable practices and achievements.
  • Management Summary: A concise summary outlining the key results of the audit.
  • Corrective Action Plan: A corrective action plan is provided to effectively improve the Risk Management framework.

Risk Management Training

At IQC, we prioritize risk prevention over risk elimination. While complete elimination of risks may not be feasible, organizations can significantly reduce their vulnerability through adequate training of personnel. We equip organizations with the necessary techniques and skills to enhance their risk management systems. This helps organizations to bridge the identified gaps and continually improve their risk management framework. By combining comprehensive audit reports with a tailored risk management training program, IQC empowers organizations to enhance their risk management posture, minimizing uncertainties while maximizing opportunities.

Why You Should Comply with ISO 31000?

  • Most top clients require the organizations to have ISO 31000 to ensure that their products and services can meet their own and industry requirements.
  • Identify and address the risks associated with your organization.
  • Improve operational efficiency and governance.
  • Increase stakeholder confidence in your risk management techniques.
  • Improve your business performance, crisis management and organizational resilience.
  • Enhance chances of getting new clients and business opportunities.
  • Meet the necessary statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Better decision-making process and improved resource allocation.
  • Enhance reputation and credibility.
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Reduce the likelihood of fines and lawsuits by complying with risk management legislation.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide clear, practical advice for implementing controls and eliminating uncertainty.
  • Our team comprises seasoned risk management auditors and experts.
  • We provide a tailored approach based on your exact needs and requirements.
  • We provide comprehensive audit reports and corrective action plans.
  • We verify corrective action implementation through detailed follow-up activities.
  • We provide fast and convenient service to support you and your organization meet ISO 31000 risk management requirements.

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