Mitigating Human Risk - Cybersecurity Awareness Program

As cyber threats evolve and human error remains a significant vulnerability, comprehensive cybersecurity awareness programs are essential. Our Mitigating Human Risk - Cybersecurity Awareness Program provides a holistic approach to addressing this challenge. Participants engage with a structured curriculum covering cybersecurity policy, incident response, and business continuity planning, equipping them with essential skills to manage human risks effectively in cybersecurity.

Course Objectives:

Participants will recognize cybersecurity vulnerabilities stemming from human behavior, evaluate cybersecurity awareness using a maturity model, prioritize human risks for targeted mitigation, and acquire strategies to enhance cybersecurity awareness and manage associated risks effectively.

Course Content:

This course covered the following contents:

  1. Introduction to Cybersecurity
  2. Cybersecurity Policy and Governance
  3. Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness
  4. Security Awareness Maturity Model
  5. Information Security Privacy
  6. Physical & Computer Equipment Security
  7. Security for Outsourced Services
  8. Compliance With Regulations
  9. Cyber Threat Intelligence
  10. User Access and Responsibilities
  11. Systems Audit Controls and Tools
  12. Incident Response and Business Continuity Planning

Program Details

Duration: 3 days (15th of Oct to 17th of Oct)
Approximate Study Hours: 15 Hours
Mode of Study: Online Classroom
Type of Training: Mentorship
Medium of Instructions: English

Steps to Registration

  • Brochure
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
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